News Years Event Results Are In!

Hello everyone, I'm so happy to see new faces in the 2022, and returning ones as well!

The new years event has been quite a ride! Firstly before we begin the next update logs will be released shortly after a few key updates are made (I'd love to show more big things in one big post!). This event was super intense and everyone had a blast participating, however only the luckiest and most active were able to snag this in time!


@ Aexious leading the event by collecting a insane amount of 4 rares, and you won't believe what he did with one of them! I can't wait for our next event, whatever that might be!

Here's the results!

1050.pngSanta Hat - @ kristiaan
1042.pngBlue Partyhat - @ kristiaan
1044.pngGreen Partyhat - @ Aexious
1044.pngGreen Partyhat - @ Aexious
1038.pngRed Partyhat - @ Aexious
1040.pngYellow hat - @ Aexious
1050.pngSanta Hat - @ Aexious

Here's some player-based in-game pictures of them showing off their rares!

@ Cat
Very clever! Keep it!

@ Aexious (before giving away one)


@ kristiaan



@ Aexious was very kind enough to gift @ Cat their partyhat, that deserves some respect!