Update Log #7 - OSRS Merger & Fixes

Hello and welcome to another updates log! This time around we've developed some amazing new contents for neos as well as some key fixes!

Firstly the new years event went quite well! Everyone had a blast and sadly only the active players were lucky enough to snag their rares just in time, there's quite a few instances where multiple players were so close to getting one! And you won't believe what one player did with theirs! 

Now for the exciting bit, we've been quite busy IRL but maintained some activity with the community and been trying to stay up to date with everyone as always!

474 (old school based gameframe (maybe someday we'll do 1:1 frame but this is more than good enough for now)


Telegrab packet has been fixed (no 718 even bothered with this, and also works with our osrs items are supported so we had to support 65k+ items)


OSRS (QOL, content, etc..) coming ingame now



Item Dying (why not haha)


Item Keepsakes (Someday we'll do animation overrides, wardrobe outfits like rs3 does)


OSRS maps is currently being worked on. Working towards proper support (no cheap hacks shit done), more in this in the future when we can show off.
OSRS content itself is still a large WIP (work in progress), so we're working on this when we can to finish up certain things.

We're currently running a poll, please cast your vote! Area Looting default option poll - click here

Now, the fun stuff; all 109 updates including the most recent one just made!

'f0bfc50d,CSS-Lletya,17 minutes ago,Added Player Option 5 packet support'
'7fa3df5c,CSS-Lletya,42 minutes ago,Item Dying/Removal & Vote store implementation'
'15e503ed,CSS-Lletya,2 hours ago,Added smarter Donator point calculations'
'7c2af7a5,CSS-Lletya,2 hours ago,Added Bank Item restrictions system (lamps, etc..)'
'0b95e5e1,CSS-Lletya,4 hours ago,Fixed Gnome Agility pipe extra xp event'
'84b901c4,CSS-Lletya,4 hours ago,Added Ghostly robes to magic armor shop'
'7be57789,CSS-Lletya,5 hours ago,New Players (ironman-based) now get respective armor'
'680639fd,CSS-Lletya,16 hours ago,More Achievements!'
'd7aca68f,CSS-Lletya,16 hours ago,Fixed Currency shop checking'
'dc9018cb,CSS-Lletya,18 hours ago,Added OSRS Pyromancer to Firemaking training'
'e7aa6ee3,CSS-Lletya,18 hours ago,Added OSRS Zealot Prayer outfit to Prayer training'
'c72fcfdb,CSS-Lletya,19 hours ago,Minor Combat fix'
'ea41c015,CSS-Lletya,19 hours ago,State Reset Lamp added to Vote Shop'
'eb334c31,CSS-Lletya,19 hours ago,Sunfreet tweaking'
'465973d4,CSS-Lletya,25 hours ago,Added stat reset lamp'
'0e069247,CSS-Lletya,26 hours ago,Updated Coal bag dialogue'
'f602fc19,CSS-Lletya,27 hours ago,Fixed various packet issues'
'1912f505,CSS-Lletya,27 hours ago,Free Donator cape in ;;dz store'
'8313b296,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Fixed Coal Bag dung store purchasing'
'8b814d8e,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Minor Lavaflow Mine changes'
'bc7f9c6d,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,EXP Sharing & Max (Home NPC) updating'
'd4a82e07,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Pet Store (Taverley) pet indicator added'
'cd905811,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Added Graceful shop (Burthorpe Agility area)'
'e8c95961,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Graceful items are no longer tradable'
'fc4d6daa,CSS-Lletya,2 days ago,Fixed Skillcape store bug'
'25bcfc02,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Fixed Banking Item delaying'
'296768f3,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Added Agility Marks of Grace RNG'
'05da78db,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Improved Bank depositing'
'9ca3165a,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Added Wyson mole part exchanging'
'104d1582,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Charms box added to Vote shop'
'63153083,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,You can now operarte Ornament Kits'
'7de11dd0,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,You can now use Ice giant bones on Altars'
'd249aba5,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,Removed Elemental tali from world drop message'
'7cd5e50a,CSS-Lletya,3 days ago,New Players get 3 hours x2 experience!'
'90c99fba,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,Fixed a minor bug for lavaflow mine shop'
'eb410cdd,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,Fixed Crayfish daily task ID'
'0b311182,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,Fixed Ping Packet (Properly done - ;;displayfps)'
'96ee83bd,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,Removed a minor debug msg'
'60909ab6,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,More Staff commands for Discord bot'
'69795524,CSS-Lletya,4 days ago,Fixed Telegrab Packet'
'dd1ee94d,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Updated Thieving stalls (nicer loot)'
'72a25178,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Cleanedup Store loader (startup)'
'bfaac1b5,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Buffed unf-based items in Slayer store'
'139e2586,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Cleaned up Ironman shop code block'
'6735b3cd,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Fixed OSRS item display shop support'
'df1dd3e2,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Lavaflow mine store (WIP)'
'1c62e0c4,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Fixed Interfaces that use Item inputs events'
'56d85d70,CSS-Lletya,5 days ago,Added Bag of Gems'
'267d357a,CSS-Lletya,6 days ago,Fixed a few Superior slayer npc combat definitions'
'9d74b3b9,CSS-Lletya,6 days ago,Fixed charming imp cost (oversight)'
'fba9492e,CSS-Lletya,6 days ago,Charming Imp fix'
'435d726d,CSS-Lletya,6 days ago,Ground Item amounts now show past 65k'
'5aee9a6b,CSS-Lletya,6 days ago,Fixed OSRS Packets issue (Hello OSRS!)'
'c03a6abd,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Fixed Fever spider teleport location'
'59bf4db0,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Added Giant Bats to Slayer Tower (outside)'
'223f0d6e,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Adjusted Auara cooldown timer'
'9ad72eb9,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Eagle Eye prayer reducing amount adjusted'
'5fff1592,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Lighthouse stepping stones fixes'
'90caf2bf,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Fixed shop points proper amounts'
'060201bd,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Summoning charms added to Skilling mbox'
'749bea1a,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Fixed Werewolf agility interaction'
'eaae4e7c,CSS-Lletya,7 days ago,Fixed Slayer teleport for Aviansie'
'e74cf4e0,CSS-Lletya,8 days ago,Fixed Mithril seed object life timer'
'18a17248,CSS-Lletya,8 days ago,Fixed some shop prices'
'1d4d531f,CSS-Lletya,8 days ago,Removed Party pete spawn from Falador'
'b279a68d,CSS-Lletya,10 days ago,Improved Client memory usage (performance boost)'
'd3979102,CSS-Lletya,10 days ago,Fixed Slayer total tasks display'
'996940c8,CSS-Lletya,10 days ago,Disabled New Years event & fixes'
'e602a0b7,CSS-Lletya,11 days ago,Skilling mboxes now add to inventory or banked'
'cf6dc5fe,CSS-Lletya,11 days ago,K.O.M Reputation display in Task Tab'
'f11d7f25,CSS-Lletya,11 days ago,Charming Imp now costs 250 slayer points'
'e9f80633,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Happy New years!'
'245c3364,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Removed minor debug messages (junk)'
'5e9e3b28,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Disabled Christmas countdown processor'
'c0ce07cd,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,;;arealoot command message updated'
'c7246322,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,New Years Event (WIP)'
'9cd3077e,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Slight buff to Slayer xp gaining'
'31f09aa7,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Fixed Client closing event'
'a3b93554,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Dragon Bolts (regular) now works with Arma cbow'
'4c283ae4,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Fixed a secret way to entering Donator zone! hehe'
'b83ce0ea,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Shift-zoom has returned!'
'e6c807a3,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Disabled Christmas event'
'3976d979,CSS-Lletya,12 days ago,Delayed Discord bot message relaying'
'2865b958,Stand-up,2 weeks ago,Start on boulders/pitfalls and completed butterflies and fixed bugs with impling catching + barehanded.'
'9e29de8e,Stand-up,4 weeks ago,Fixed boulder traps.'
'0ff4b7b9,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed Astral altar id registration'
'45864d46,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed a Bank bug with disappearing items'
'1064766a,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fire Spirit buffed occurrence, Members +15% more chance'
'801f6966,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Ability to buy Gem Bag from Dungeoneering'
'6464f894,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Update Xmaslogin.java'
'5bbbcd93,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Update Xmaslogin.java'
'740b6697,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Added advent login'
'7529fb81,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,RS3 Area Loot, Christmas Advent Calendar, misc..'
'6413fb26,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Home Christmas decorations'
'870442a0,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Minor fixes'
'8fb0cd89,Stand-up,6 weeks ago,Added success formula for hunter traps and added containsAll and containsAny for item containers regarding to equipment.'
'a7378384,Stand-up,6 weeks ago,Added investigate option for bird snares and box traps.'
'cfcfe447,Stand-up,6 weeks ago,Traps now dismantle when being outside of 16 tiles range of them.'
'1f486eab,Stand-up,6 weeks ago,Ground item lay option for box traps now also works.'
'd8346b94,Stand-up,6 weeks ago,Bird snares now reset on ground when logging out and added a utility method in OwnedObjectManager to retrieve all objects spawned for a specific player.'
'344efdfa,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,More Donator Zone expansions'
'4d934db7,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Added missing Grifolaroo drops'
'ff8d1c48,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed Bank value udpating'
'20728119,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Action events stopping if inventory gets full'
'beef0931,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed Overload item id check'
'ce022b73,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed Doors in Fishing Platform'
'da0ad9f9,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed Gano spore drop rates'
'8b734a47,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Fixed LRC out of reach npc spawns'
'7bd69cdb,CSS-Lletya,6 weeks ago,Added Pestle & Mortar Item grinding'