Rules summary

Excessive Profanity

At Neos, users are given the freedom of speech. However, that freedom is not unrestricted. As Neos is frequented by underage and generally young children, excessive swearing or anything else excessively profane is forbidden in order to shield that aforementioned part of the user-base. Please understand that this is to keep the impressionable out of harm's way. Those who decide not to follow this rule will be punished in the form of a verbal warning and/or temporary mute.

Inappropriate Usernames

A user's username may not contain profanities, racist or derogatory terms, sexual nuances, or anything else that may be deemed inappropriate. If a user is found to have an offensive username, a Neos Staff Member will be prompted to have the username in question banned. Unless the account name was purposely made offensive to harass other members of the community.

Cyber-Bullying, Insults, Flaming, Trolling

Neos takes the insulting, trolling, harassment and bullying of its members very seriously. A member found to be actively and intentionally breaking this rule will be punished in the form of a mute. The punishment's duration will be left to the discretion of the Staff Member handling the situation, though, punishments will usually not exceed three days. If the player found to be breaking this rule persists in his/her efforts to make the game unpleasant for his/her fellow players, a temporary host-mute may be invoked.

Racism, Nazism, Sexism, or any other Prejudice

Neos does not tolerate its players being prejudiced toward any sex, race or belief. Players found breaking this rule will be severely punished in the form of a temporary host-mute. Repeat offenders may have their ability to speak permanently revoked or be host-banned from Neos.

No Discussion of illegal, or otherwise profane Topics

Neos does not harbor criminals and will not tolerate the discussion of illegal activities; overly profane topics are also not welcome. The consequence for breaking this rule is a temporary mute that may be made permanent. If serious enough, players may be reported to the proper authorities. Exception: Torrents

Gibberish/Spamming, Chat-Flooding

Though considered to be a minor offense, players found spamming or flooding the chat will be warned not to do so moving forward. If this instruction is ignored, a temporary mute will follow. The mute's duration is left to the Staff Member handling the situation in question, though, punishments will normally not exceed 36 hours. If a player decides to use an autotyper, he/she will be muted within specified boundaries.

Disrespecting Members of Staff and/or their Decisions

Neos does not tolerate its Staff Members or their decisions being disrespected. If a player disagrees with the choices made or punishments given by a Staff Member, that player is to attempt to reason with the Staff Member involved. If the disagreement persists, an Administrator is to be contacted who will have final say on the situation. If the Staff Member's actions are found to be unjust, they will be corrected.


Scamming fellow Neos users is prohibited. Those caught scamming other Neos members will be banned; repeat offenders will be permanently banned from Neos. A player caught scamming has the option of refunding his victim(s) in exchange for a more lenient punishment for their behavior. If scammed, a player may make a Player Report on the Neos Forums with sufficient evidence to prove his claims. Please note that in the case of scams involving RSGP, Staff may not assist you as Neos has no authority over RuneScape.

Evading Punishments

Players who have received host-bans or other any other forms related and decide to evade their punishment will simply be given the punishment once more and have their initial punishment's duration increased. Please also note that evading punishments will significantly decrease the probability of a player's punishment appeal being accepted.

Macro Automations

Any use of Macro-based automation is not allowed. Any use of macro will result in indefinent Ban, and account(s) are subject to Rollback and value reduction, etc..

It is the player's duty to read and understand the rules, as they will be held accountable for their actions.

Neos reserves the rights to edit these rules at any time without prior notice.