Content Unlocked Regular Members
Ability to skip 32 Fight Caves waves
Access to Members only Quests
Access to Donaotr Zone & Skilling area (;;dz)
Solo & Group Instances
Hours of gameplay
Access to all skills
Unlock all emotes
Extended POH room amount (40)
Discord Role & private chat channel
20 Kill Count for GodWars
x2 Drop rate for Birds Nest
x2 Reputation in Kingdom of Miscellania
x2 Mage Arena points on Battle-mage kills
Kill Gargoyle without Rock hammer
Half Auara cooldown time
No Frozen Key requirement for Godwars
x2 Tokkul drops from Tzhaar npcs
Access to the ;;titles command (Example: ;;title 3)
Never take damage from failed Pickpocketing
Donators never fail Wire thieving
Skip the Prayer losing random event while doing Barrows
No Summoing points lost when summoning a Familiar
+50% success rate to obtain a Defender in Warrior's Guild
Unlock 1 Slayer Learning Ability for free
x2 Livid Farm Points
1/3 Chance to keep an extra item on death
Access to the Bank chest at the end of the Dungeoneering dungeon
Ability to chop the Magic Tree at home
Advanced Farming Store for Donators (Catherby Patch Store)
x50 coins (50,000gp) from Ardy Castle Chest looting
10% chance to recieve up to 5 nature runes from Ardy East chest
Save 50% prayer cost from casting Bloom (mort myre fungus)
x2 Pest Control Points
Access to the ZMI shortcut
Chaos Alter 35% bone saving ratio (vs regular 20% non-member)