Become a Member
Content Unlocked Regular Members
Ability to skip 32 Fight Caves waves
Access to Members only Quests
Solo & Group Instances
Hours of gameplay
Access to all skills
Unlock all emotes
Extended POH room amount (40)
Additional Bank Space (800)
Discord Role & private chat channel
20 Kill Count for GodWars
x2 Drop rate for Birds Nest
x2 Reputation in Kingdom of Miscellania
x2 Mage Arena points on Battle-mage kills
Kill Gargoyle without Rock hammer
Half Auara cooldown time
No Frozen Key requirement for Godwars
x2 Tokkul drops from Tzhaar npcs
Access to the ;;titles command (Example: ;;title 3)
Never take damage from failed Pickpocketing
Skip the Prayer losing random event while doing Barrows
No Summoing points lost when summoning a Familiar