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Welcome to Neos

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Hello and welcome everyone to Neos. A brand new RSPS!

Neos is a hard economy based server, to further put the RS back into RSPS while maintaining fun and enjoyable content!

When playing Neos you'll find your experience rates lowered than a typical RSPS. That's because Neos is x50 experience rates of real rs. This will allow more indepth gameplay on various contents, such as running to the store to purchase more Runes cause you ran out, etc..

For a limited time only you can receive a Neos Pet. The Neos Pet is purely cosmetic, and holds on additional effects/bonuses and is meant to display the dedication and time played through the development of Neos.

As of right now not all skills are fully trainable as they're either being added or going through an update process to ensure complete gameplay is available to the player. The Skills mainly in question are Construction, Dungeoneering. These skills will be added overtime and preferably quickly as possible so that even can enjoy all the skills that runescape had to offer in 2012.

The economy of Neos is built off of the player and how they'll create their own economy within the server. With reduced shop items it enables more money making factors for Skillers, etc..
Be sure to help each other out by creating Guides, even if they're super small and simplistic! A helping hand goes a long way for newcomers!


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