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  1. Hello and welcome everyone to a prestigious day. A return of a very loyal and trustworthy friend of mine has returned! Please welcome @Poison to the Moderation team. She has worked with me as a staff member for a while now and has shown trust dedication and leadership in many fields. With a valuable asset onboard the future for Neos is looking brighter!
  2. Hello and welcome everyone to Neos. A brand new RSPS! Neos is a hard economy based server, to further put the RS back into RSPS while maintaining fun and enjoyable content! When playing Neos you'll find your experience rates lowered than a typical RSPS. That's because Neos is x50 experience rates of real rs. This will allow more indepth gameplay on various contents, such as running to the store to purchase more Runes cause you ran out, etc.. For a limited time only you can receive a Neos Pet. The Neos Pet is purely cosmetic, and holds on additional effects/bonuses and is meant t
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