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  1. Here's most recent key updates, minor updates/changes won't be included Time to catch up on 23 days of missed update logging. Forgotten Warriors now hit through prayer Skill-selectable lamps XP buffed Better Player processing 5 New Donator Benefits Added Antifire/Super effects Dag Kings now require proper attack styles Fixed Strykwyrm Stomping & spawns Crystal Saw passive bonus xp buff added Crystal Chest loot checking Donators dont need Rock Hammer for Gargoyle x2 Mage Arena poi
  2. Zed

    X1 xp rate gamemode

    Poll has been closed. The new rs mode will be live in next update as of February 26.
  3. Zed

    X1 xp rate gamemode

    Neos is only going to be maintaining the x50 default gamemode. However Should I release a x1 xp mode would it be a considerable gameplay option? This gamemode will allow players to further immerify their gameplay to real runescape xp rates, whilst maintaining the regular gameplay that Neos offers (Just xp rates become x1) Please cast your vote. There will also be no consideration for any other gaemode besides Default & this poll's xp gamemode (should it pass)
  4. Zed

    Slayer Guide

    Very nice, keep it up!
  5. Due to recent inactivity with the YouTube broadcast I have to override the giveaway results. Congratulations to the following people on winning this event! I'm really sorry this took some time to give results in by, however I was trying to hold out for the broadcaster to contact me since he made the video which never has never come yet. @Host Donator Scroll @6nitch9ine 3 Mystery Boxes Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway! And always support our dedicated YouTuber's greatly!
  6. Zed

    Hi Deku here.

    Can't believe you made that reference. Welcome to Neos!
  7. Results has come in, congratulations to HZ! Giveaway #1 is going to be ending next weekend (no response from video maker as of late, so I'll be overriding this by next Sunday! I apologize for this delay!
  8. Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new Update log! if you haven't heard; there's a giveaway going on - click here. I recommend you participate before it's too late! Here's most recent key updates, minor updates/changes won't be included Warriors guild now uses Tokken item Fixed Dorgesh-kaan Agility item message bug You can now get RC outfit from Runespan Fixed Rev freeze length Added Suqah spawns Added Frost Dragon combat definition Sawmil now charges coins for converting Added Fungal Mage drops Ironman can now use Tzhaar shops
  9. It also requires money to support the countless translations taken place. Google has their own pricing which isn't really cheap in terms of rsps usage, so perhaps translation will most likely not become a thing, however a really nice concept.
  10. Zed

    Rev cave Poll

    Cast your vote! Let me know what you think!
  11. Welcome to the second Giveaway for Neos! hosted by Blood Knight. As always be sure to send love & support to our video creators. On behalf of the Neos staff team, we wish all participants the best of luck! How to enter: Like, Comment and Subscribe When does it end: February 5, 2021
  12. Hello and welcome everyone to a new staff update! I'll be keeping short and sweet and let the newly added staff members speak for themselves! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM them first! Player Moderator @Scar Server Support @Host @potato
  13. Hello everyone, at last we are finally caught up to date with the updates log. Totally over 800 updates of today! if you haven't heard; there's a giveaway going on - click here. I recommend you participate before it's too late! Here's most recent key updates, minor updates/changes won't be included Fixed Genie Lamp dupe Fixed Varrock sewer gate opening Zombie spawns for Draynor Sewers Added Snakeskin bots to Ranging shop Client sided LZMA added (decompression) (need to do containers still) Reduced JMV footprint Miscellania teleport now shows
  14. Hello everyone, today I'm releasing the first ever Neos giveaway. To enter it's quite simple, Like the video & Comment your in-game name & subscribe to his channel. There'll be lots of more videos from this broadcaster so show love & support for his hard work! 1st place winner: Donator scroll 2nd place winner: 3 Mystery Box's
  15. Note these update logs are out of date. There has been over 600 commits, so I'll be releasing upwards of 200+ each give or take. Minor Band-Aid fixes will not be added in the list. Added Elite Void Armor Box to Store You can now Dive into Ancient Cavern Whirpool Added Charms Box to Store Various teleports added Eucalyptus Tree Woodcutting Updated Polypore Merchant Dialogue Pets now roam in POH & Manager added Hiring & Servant services added Added Dwarf Multi Cannon Added Dwarf Multicannon Box to Store You can now l
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