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Bug List (another one)


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1. Kalphite dungeon teleport under dungeon teleports leads to a blank space, and the actual dungeon entrance also doesn't work. (fixed).

2. Range armor store is missing red d'hide set and black d'hide vambraces and has 2 snakeskin boots. (fixed)

3. Your character doesn't automatically stop mining the rocks after you mined them. (fixed)

4. The area with iron and steel dragon in the brimhaven dungeon, is currently multi combat, it should be single combat. (fixed)

5. Elemental staffs don't give unlimited runes for the bolt enchanting spell. (fixed)

6. Fight caves monsters attack range is bugged, even melee monsters can attack from far away. (please address this ASAP)

7. Remove elemental talisman from the drop announcements. Add abyssal dagger, staff of the dead to mystery box announcements. (fixed)

8. If you set a deadfall trap and teleport away, a rune platelegs (h2) will spawn on top of it.

9. Can't dismantle box traps in both object states, "set and untriggered", "triggered but empty".

10. Not sure if bug or not bug the daily task "chop vines", doesn't seem to work, tried ivys and jadinko's lair, but they didnt count for the task.

11. Can't chop down jungle trees. (fixed)

12. A bit of a bug and a bit of a suggestion. Player-to-Object interaction pathfinding could be improved.

13. The freezing spells bind, snare, entangle, ice rush, ice blitz, ice burst don't seem to be working against npc's. Havent tested against players and ice barrage. (fixed)

14. Couple of the runespan island are missing spawns.

15. Can't combo-eat karambwans. (fixed)

16. Can't enter the waterfall dungeon, the entrance disappears as you click it. (fixed)

17. The king black dragon teleport doesn't have a wildy red text warning like other wildy teleports. (fixed)

18. Fix equipment refreshing, sometimes doesn't display correct items on player model (sent pic on discord).

19. Clues scrolls that require emotes to be performed don't seem to be working. (fixed)

20. Incorrect or missing task streak points.

21. Turael doesn't reset your task for easier one in exchange of task streak reset. Reference : Turael (fixed)

22. While mining a crashed star, the mining animation will always show an iron pickaxe regardless of having other pickaxes.

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