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Just wanted to note some things, which i think should be improved, that threw me off when i joined.


1. Generic overused Edge home. (yeah i know it might change).

2. NPC names overlay. Causes a lot of clutter in the screen, should be disabled by default.

3. Teleport interface. Couldn't immediately find the teleport interface, make it more obvious, add it as one of the currently blank tabs in the inventory; add it as a hotkey.

4. Server chat log on discord. A bit extreme that everything you type in the chat gets sent into discord channel, it would be more appropriate if that was only for the Neos friend chat.

5. Dwarf cannon. Making this donator only is incredibly unfair.

6. Outdated Pay-to-Win store model. Ditch all the non-cosmetic items from the store. Add some sort of "Neos shards", which can be bought for irl money and are tradeable. Shards would be used to purchase custom perks in-game or other things.

Been enjoying everything else so far, might update this thread if something throws me off enough.

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Will post minor suggestions below : 

1. Make space bar work for skilling actions. (As in it selects the skilling dialogue option when you press space bar). [high priority]

2. Alternative ways to let us reset the slayer task. E.g.: 500k gp; slayer task reset scrolls from vote shop; etc. [medium priority]

3. Add karambwans to consumable shop. (implemented)

4. Make box of health restore run energy. (implemented)

5. Add the fairy ring system.

6. Add dragon battle axe to weapons store. (implemented)

7. Add wall safes cracking in the rogues den, for gems.

8. Add some way to obtain crystal shield.

9. Add some way to obtain god books.

10. Add trivia system and trivia shop.

11. Add more distraction & diversion events. E.g.: Shooting star and evil trees inspired events, but for the other gatherer skills; penguins; sinkholes; wandering revenants; wandering bosses?; loot crate?; etc, lots of stuff could be done, this is just some initial ideas.

12. Add server-wide boost events. E.g.: For the next 2 hours 5% exp boost in wc; For the next 2 hours 5% exp boost in rc; For the next 2 hours doubled pest control points; For the next 2 hours doubled warrior guild token; For the next 2 hours doubled player killing points (or whatever currency); For the next 2 hours doubled ores; For the next 2 hours doubled logs; etc, lots of stuff could be done, this is just some initial ideas.

13. Add blue mystic set to the mage armor shop. (implemented, missing boots)

14. Let us pick up multiple clues of the same tier.

15. Increase impling spawns around the map (have seen very very few).

16. Add proper dungeoneering.

17. Add looting bag, rune pouch, herb sack, seed box. [medium priority]

18. Increase the number of vials of water in the others shop. [medium priority]

19. Remove fire cape and kiln cape from everywhere that is not fight caves and fight kiln, they should be a challenging achievement.

20. Add net traps for catching salamanders.

21. Make it so the box health at home doesn't reset boosted levels. [medium priority]

22. Add QoL feature that remembers spell autocast setting. Reference : Autocast

23. Change the corporeal beast teleport to inside the cave instead of in the wildy.

24. Add skillcape perks.

25. Option to set own F1 keys. Alternatively set to F1 - Combat Styles, F2- Inventory, F3 - Prayer List, F4 - Magic Spellbook.

26. Option to keep the player tabs on resizable always stacked in any window size.

27. Add a message to notify the player when we receive clue scrolls as a drop.

28. Add special attack orb.

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I'll be considering some of these in the future so thank you! I've completed some already, Crystal shield maybe a quest for it perhaps. Just have to plan specific things out is all. Thanks as always!

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