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Utilizing your shortcut keys


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Hello everyone, welcome to my personalized guide on how to enhance your gameplay experience using the quick selection keys i've gone ahead and added.

These keys will definitely speed up your game processing and overall QOL experience.


CTRL key
The CTRL key will let you reduce or increase the render distance dynamically (no log out bs required). This is very useful for those with lesser or stronger PC builds. Very much essential for newcomers as well. Here's a gif of it in action.

The shift key enables SO many features that I'll try to cover; there'll most likely be many more added, etc..

the shift key will let you zoom in-game, when in resizable mode you'll have a much smoother effect (partly why the client loads resize mode by default instead of fixed mode. Picture is linked below on how it works. (smoother in-game, pardon the recording frame delays)
Quick buying/selling (x50 count)

Build/Remove from POH

Shift Dropping, you guys know what this is already.
"Get-task" selection

Deposit-All (soon withdraw-all option)

Drinking, Summon pouches, etc.. are also added. By now I'm adding the most desirable functionalities, so it either exists or will exist (if not suggest!)
As you'd imagine the list would go on and on, but let's skip that stuff.

ALT key
The alt key will allow you to quick-select any item and select the option "Use" by default. Picture is linked below on how it works.


This thread will be updated overtime, so do check back for any changes that has been made.

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