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Neos Competition


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Hello and welcome everyone to the first ever Neos competition, here you can get rewarded being the first to complete certain things on the list below!

You can either receive money via PayPal, or in exchange for Store items! It's really quite simple to understand. So without boring you guys with long context.. Good luck. I will look into generating more todos in this competition shortly, it may or not be limited to below. (I will do more of these in future).

First to get pet - 10$ @ Luke  - unknown.png
First to max - 50$ @ Ethereal  - I6LS3xz.png
First to 99 - $5 - @ Ethereal
First to complete all quests - 20$
First to complete all achievements - 20$
First ironman to max - 50$ @ Luke
First ironman to get level  99 - 5$ @ Luke
First (full) collection log completed - 100$
First to get Elite item from clue scroll - 20$
First ironman to complete all quests - 10$

The man behind the machine

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Current achievement system is supplied to all game modes available. However, i'm thinking of making minor achievements perhaps an Achievement Diary like how RS did back in 2012 doing minor tasks and unlocking tiers gave additional effects. We'll see in the future!

The man behind the machine

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On 1/25/2022 at 8:55 AM, kristiaan said:

Where can we view our collection log? 😛

On the live server you'll have to buy from the Skiller store npc -> Other for 50,000 gp

In new home it's still same, but you can view this from upstairs. A new tour will explain how this all works.

The man behind the machine

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