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  1. Rework daily tasks, some of them are insanely time consuming due to resources Rework daily rewards, randomize to make them more fun/worthwhile Increase initial exp for finding a star to encourage mining For items such as coal bag/etc add a difference for extreme donators Lower frequency of mystery box or require activity during a period of time to claim Add more things for loyalty points, rather it be cosmetics or skilling supplies/etc. Make them expensive though Add more rewards to mystery boxes to decrease the chance of getting certain items, perhaps skilling items/etc. Decrease drop rate of pets Increase exp bonus of non-rs3 items we have to buy from shops. There is no purpose of buying them if the items we get from skilling are the same Decrease the rate of uncut onyx from gem bags, they are fairly frequent if you spend any decent amount of time at lava flow. If any of these need more info just let me know, been scribbling some down as I play.
  2. Heard there's free GP's on the line so what the hell, intro time ;). I am long time rsps/osrs grinder who loves a good challenge. I am from the US, specifically where the good fried chicken is found. I am the proud/annoyed owner of a doggo named Bruce. Hit me up in-game if you want to chat, most likely I am on/around and ready to mingle. Picture for reference.
  3. Aexious

    Neos Competition

    No rs mode achievements, rude 😉
  4. Antipoison provides no timed resistance, only on use. Same with superantipoison. Herblore is no longer auto making potions, its only one at a time. This previously worked before the packet updates. Summoning shops have some null items/duplicates. I think this happened when you updated the quantities as some of the items were there prior. Can only buy items from the Lava Flow shop 1 at a time Antifire does not work on Iron/Bronze dragons
  5. Bought a charming imp for 250 with 260ish slayer points and it is now negative
  6. Charming Imp doesn't loot double charms, you only get 1 charm
  7. Should add misc favour to the quest tab so you can monitor it easier. Would also be cool if all of the NPCs on the island were repurposed to tell you.
  8. Cannons don't seem to work entirely, they sometimes hit but don't seem to have any rhyme or reason, npcs that are in clear view don't get hit Slayer tasks do not add up for the task completion count, therefore you never get the bonus slayer points When depositing items into multiple tabs the bank glitches around and switches to a different tab Unable to use dragon bolts with ACB
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