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  1. Luke

    Bug List

    Cant pour potion doses into flasks
  2. Luke

    Bug List

    invisibility bug in dag kings tunnels (not sure which, player report, ty cashout) fever spider access (stairs not working) - may want to adjust slaying ring tele coords
  3. Luke

    Bug List

    This cave in 33 wild consumes your player
  4. Thanks for the opportunity! Really looking forward to helping build a strong and stable community. Congrats to @ Flax too! 😄
  5. Just a heads up, master farmers exist currenty, you can pickpocket them in Draynor Village at 38 Thieving; otherwise some decent suggestions here.
  6. Luke

    Bug List

    Daily tasks can ask for dungeoneering resources which as far as I am aware do not exist
  7. [07/11/21] Full arma set complete.. I aim to slowly chip away at the full log...
  8. Noted pure essence / pure essence packs in runespan store?
  9. Luke

    Bug List

    Sometimes the boss kill timer shows the real-time on which the boss died, synced up to my local PC's time.
  10. Full golden mining outfit achieved! Lavaflow mine looks sooooo good with Bloom enabled.
  11. Post Max Log Hi All, after rushing to max my Iron, I figured a good way to log my progress is to share it on here and continually update as I hit key drops and milestones. I have no set goals for the account other than horde everything. I suppose the best way to split this up is in skills, drops and pets, as well as milestones such as Comp cape etc. --- SKILLS In order to achieve peak fashionscape, I want a select range of 120 skills. Long term, of course, I want to go for 120 all, but these are the nicest looking capes imo. 120 Attack (achieved Sept. 2021) 120 Hitpoints (achieved Sept. 2021) 120 Defence (achieved Sept. 2021) 120 Prayer (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,292,133) 120 Magic (XP as of 02/11/21 - 16,199,204) 120 Runecrafting (XP as of 02/11/21 - 15,874,472) 120 Agility LMAO (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,499,160) 120 Crafting (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,283,977) 120 Slayer (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,505,116) 120 Mining (XP as of 02/11/21 - 16,314,936) 120 Smithing lord have mercy on me (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,377,426) 120 Fishing (XP as of 02/11/21 - 23,934,508) 120 Farming (XP as of 02/11/21 - 15,319,622) 120 Summoning this one is not going to happen (XP as of 02/11/21 - 13,844,513) --- DROPS This is going to be more of a wishlist/checklist. Will post update posts when I hit one of these drops and link to the post in this one. Armadyl Helmet (achieved 02/11/21) Armadyl Chestplate (achieved 02/11/21) Armadyl Platelegs -Dropped 07/11/21, Click me for update post Armadyl Hilt Saradomin Hilt Bandos Hilt Zamorak Hilt Dragonfire Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Elysian Spirit Shield Divine Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield Steadfast Boots Ragefire Boots Glavien Boots Bandos Boots Nex Sets PvP Sets (Vesta etc) Dragon Claws PETS 7/45 Collection Log Pets, 2 Dupes --- MILESTONES Completionst Cape: - 120 Dungeoneering - Fight Caves - Fight Kiln - Queen Black Dragon All Skilling Outfits 21/36 pieces acquired --- Update Posts: ~~
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