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  1. Hello everyone, welcome to my personalized guide on how to enhance your gameplay experience using the quick selection keys i've gone ahead and added. These keys will definitely speed up your game processing and overall QOL experience. CTRL key The CTRL key will let you reduce or increase the render distance dynamically (no log out bs required). This is very useful for those with lesser or stronger PC builds. Very much essential for newcomers as well. Here's a gif of it in action. SHIFT key The shift key enables SO many features that I'll try to cover; there'll most likely be many more added, etc.. the shift key will let you zoom in-game, when in resizable mode you'll have a much smoother effect (partly why the client loads resize mode by default instead of fixed mode. Picture is linked below on how it works. (smoother in-game, pardon the recording frame delays) Quick buying/selling (x50 count) Build/Remove from POH Shift Dropping, you guys know what this is already. "Get-task" selection Deposit-All (soon withdraw-all option) Drinking, Summon pouches, etc.. are also added. By now I'm adding the most desirable functionalities, so it either exists or will exist (if not suggest!) As you'd imagine the list would go on and on, but let's skip that stuff. ALT key The alt key will allow you to quick-select any item and select the option "Use" by default. Picture is linked below on how it works. This thread will be updated overtime, so do check back for any changes that has been made.
  2. Hello and welcome old and new players to Neos. Simple intro of Neos Neos is a #718 RSPS that's geared towards a more immersive experience in an RSPS. Focused on great content, and experiences Neos has a proud upcoming spot in the RSPS scene. Neos has over 25 fully trainable skills, with countless training locations & options to further expand your gameplay. There's no optional XP mode, as there's only x50 experience; it's very unlikely that this'll change either to keep the gameplay more even across the board. Returning Players Unfortunately old character files will not be able to be restored due to new Account management system. It's important to also note that experience & wealth, etc.. on previous accounts may or may not have been abused. Starting fresh without a doubt lets us improve the quality and time spent playing Neos. Now the good news is that old accounts will have their original rank restored, you will be required to have some form of media & proof of status existence and once you obtain those you'll need to post in the Request Section (please don't mass DM me on discord regarding this). If you had a Neos pet please follow same guidelines as stated prior and post in the Request Section accordingly to re-obtain your pet from the past. In a final addition this also applies to previous Donator Ranks too. When Will Neos Become Playable? There's no estimated play date for Neos due to development rework & continuation of both Website & Game development. However I'll keep you guys posted on the latest time frame available. There's quite a few key issues of previous gameplay in the past which needs to be sorted as soon as possible so please try to understand that! What are the experience rates? The game experience rates are x50. There will not be any other options for game modes beyond RS Mode, which is talked about below. Having x50 rates gives a balance of quickness & grind-like feel to progressing your account overtime. Buying & selling resources on the Grand Exchange soon becomes essential, and becomes a money maker as well. RS Mode is a special mode, which had been polled in the past and successfully passed. RS Mode is an x1 game mode (same as rs). Bright side to this is that your still maintain the RSPS feel by quick access to shops, etc.. So the grind is not too terrifying. In Conclusion On behalf of the staff team of Neos we are excited to see everyone on the forum & ingame. Looking forward to having fun & growing our community by the day!
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    So happy to have you return Nice to see your new name. I now know why you picked it.
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    Welcome Will, I'm excited to see everyone once again 🙂
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