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  1. This currently exists already We will look over this list and incorporate where we see fit, thanks!
  2. Neos' initial design was to bring back the old school aspects of having said tools on hand, however if the community would like a poll we'd be open to doing so!
  3. Zed

    It's me

    So happy to see you once again! Going to be so nice having our veterans return once again!
  4. Zed


    Does jav stand for anything...nvm Welcome!!
  5. Poll is now closed. with additional opinions through discord we'll be passing this poll and moving to the live game when OSRS releases. We will adjust if heavy demand is met.
  6. Hello everyone, today we're releasing a new poll. This one is a bit different as this affects direct progression of accounts. Should we only allow bones above Big Bones to be used on POH-based Altars? or leave as is. So in the end generic bones up to Big Bones can be used on the home (upstairs) altar, then anything better will be used for POH altar (which gives bonus experience accordingly) Using POH will promote POH progression/uses and open more opportunities in this skill as well. To the idea of "what if no one has an altar?" There can be a default POH account that has this that can be accessed by those with proper game mode permissions. My personal belief is to see more people want to use the Construction skill far more than any rsps typically uses it. Promoting your house to others, and having fun and doing much more is exciting to see and can be executed quite well imo, it's worth a shot! It'll also bring back nostalgia like some of the media below!
  7. Zed

    G59 - Suggestions

    You can actually use generic talismans and press "Locate" and be teleported directly to the respective altars, any issues let me know! Yep This is in the works Quests definitely being done for sure. The bank extension requires some deep cache and client edits, however will obviously be coming in the very near future for sure We could make a dialogue option appear on the final room door and maybe ask for an instance for boss fight (solo). This whole content is getting reworked, it'll take some time but it's 100% in progress. Quite tedious to balance and benefit without overpowering. Rest are still being theorized. I thought I'd at least update you on your feedbacks! The team greatly appreciates them!
  8. @ G59 Amazing quality in those pictures! I'll definitely be looking into possible using these for our media page!
  9. Zed

    Intro - G59

    Welcome G 🙂 Happy to see you enjoying Neos! See you in the long run lad!
  10. Zed

    A few notes

    Great list of suggestions, we'll be circling back to these when we have time!
  11. Welcome Aexious, It's been quite nice to have you around! You have my favorite dog breed 😞 Hope to see you more often!
  12. Zed

    Shooting Stars

    Interesting, thanks for this! I'll make some changes today for the shooting star.
  13. Zed

    Neos Competition

    On the live server you'll have to buy from the Skiller store npc -> Other for 50,000 gp In new home it's still same, but you can view this from upstairs. A new tour will explain how this all works.
  14. Zed

    Neos Competition

    Current achievement system is supplied to all game modes available. However, i'm thinking of making minor achievements perhaps an Achievement Diary like how RS did back in 2012 doing minor tasks and unlocking tiers gave additional effects. We'll see in the future!
  15. Zed

    Neos Competition

    Yes it's still active & updated! We've all been just busy not focusing on it XD
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