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  2. OH! the more you know lol thanks for telling me!
  3. This currently exists already We will look over this list and incorporate where we see fit, thanks!
  4. Hey going to appose some QOL features i think would be kind of neat with a mixture of suggestions too, feed back would be nice! ;;cst command > teleports you to current crashed shooting star location. Right click map > last teleport feature. Favorate teleports so you can pin which ones you need for the first teleport screen instead of having to go through all the menus. A skill point currency and shop> e.g 10k skilling points for an inferno adze. Cosmetic store? Buy cosmetics such as gnome scarfs (pretty much fashion scape items) right click>locate on a rune talisman > teleports you to the talismans altar Evil spirit tree> Same evil spirit trees as rs3. I know the server is osrs based however i would love to see some of these features implemeted in the future, Please let me know what you guys think!
  5. Neos' initial design was to bring back the old school aspects of having said tools on hand, however if the community would like a poll we'd be open to doing so!
  6. Just a quick suggestion, about adding a toolbelt system for all our tools it's such a nice QOL feature.
  7. Zed

    It's me

    So happy to see you once again! Going to be so nice having our veterans return once again!
  8. Zed


    Does jav stand for anything...nvm Welcome!!
  9. Scar

    It's me

    I have been here a while
  10. Hello, I'm Jav on toast or Jav for short. I've been in the rs scene since like i'd like to say 2006? maybe a little later. I dislike combat so i'm a skiller, Born and raised😉. Like the look of the server so far! hope to see you around!
  11. Poll is now closed. with additional opinions through discord we'll be passing this poll and moving to the live game when OSRS releases. We will adjust if heavy demand is met.
  12. Hello everyone, today we're releasing a new poll. This one is a bit different as this affects direct progression of accounts. Should we only allow bones above Big Bones to be used on POH-based Altars? or leave as is. So in the end generic bones up to Big Bones can be used on the home (upstairs) altar, then anything better will be used for POH altar (which gives bonus experience accordingly) Using POH will promote POH progression/uses and open more opportunities in this skill as well. To the idea of "what if no one has an altar?" There can be a default POH account that has this that can be accessed by those with proper game mode permissions. My personal belief is to see more people want to use the Construction skill far more than any rsps typically uses it. Promoting your house to others, and having fun and doing much more is exciting to see and can be executed quite well imo, it's worth a shot! It'll also bring back nostalgia like some of the media below!
  13. Zed

    G59 - Suggestions

    You can actually use generic talismans and press "Locate" and be teleported directly to the respective altars, any issues let me know! Yep This is in the works Quests definitely being done for sure. The bank extension requires some deep cache and client edits, however will obviously be coming in the very near future for sure We could make a dialogue option appear on the final room door and maybe ask for an instance for boss fight (solo). This whole content is getting reworked, it'll take some time but it's 100% in progress. Quite tedious to balance and benefit without overpowering. Rest are still being theorized. I thought I'd at least update you on your feedbacks! The team greatly appreciates them!
  14. By Larx AKA Chrysten UPDATE DONATOR’S STORE DONATOR RANKS Platinum Donator – $10000 Gold Donator - $1000 Silver Donator - $100 Bronze Donator - $10 BOXES Super Mystery Box 1000 donation points Mystery Box 100 donation points ARMOUR (Not sure what to add here, also in ‘weapons’ because I can’t see the item list of the RSPS server and otherwise) WEAPONS (Should be extended) Chaotic Rapier 200 donation points Chaotic Longsword 200 donation points Chaotic Maul 200 donation points Chaotic Staff 200 donation points Chaotic Crossbow 200 donation points Dwarf Multicannon set 100 donation points SUPPLIES Charming Imp 150 donation points Magic Secateurs 50 donation points Looting Bag 50 donation points Rune Pouch 50 donation points Overloads 5 donation points Frost Dragon Bones 1 donation point COSMETICS (RARES) Rainbow Partyhat 10000 donation points Rainbow Santa Hat 5000 donation points Rainbow Halloween Mask 2500 donation points Christmas Crackers 2500 donation points Black Partyhat 2000 donation points Blue Partyhat 2000 donation points White Partyhat 2000 donation points Red Partyhat 2000 donation points Green Partyhat 2000 donation points Yellow Partyhat 2000 donation points Purple Partyhat 2000 donation points Black Santa Hat 1000 donation points White Santa Hat 1000 donation points Santa Hat 1000 donation points Black Halloween Mask 500 donation points White Halloween Mask 500 donation points Red Halloween Mask 500 donation points Blue Halloween Mask 500 donation points Green Halloween Mask 500 donation points COSMETICS (MISCELLAENEOUS) Golden Scythe 5000 donation points Golden Katana 5000 donation points Golden Hammer 5000 donation points Attacker Icon 2500 donation points Defender Icon 2500 donation points Collector Icon 2500 donation points Healer Icon 2500 donation points Sled 1250 donation points Bunny Ears 1250 donation points Grain 625 donation points Chicken 625 donation points Fox 625 donation points Flagstaff of Festivals 200 Flaming Skull 100 Ex-Ex Parrot 100 SCROLLS (ADD TO TOTAL DONATED WHEN SOLD TO IN-GAME SHOP, AND DEDUCT FROM TOTAL DONATED WHEN BOUGHT FROM IN-GAME SHOP) Donation Points 5000 - $500 Scroll Donation Points 1000 - $100 Scroll Donation Points 500 - $50 Scroll Donation Points 100 - $10 Scroll STORE Donation Points 10000 - $1000 Donation Points 7500 - $750 Donation Points 5000 - $500 Donation Points 2500 - $250 Donation Points 1250 - $125 Donation Points 1000 - $100 Donation Points 750 - $75 Donation Points 500 - $50 Donation Points 250 - $25 Donation Points 100 - $10 ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS Release Santa Hats during Christmas Events, annually. Release Halloween Masks during Christmas Events, annually. Award 1000 donation points to the 1st top voter of the month, monthly. Award 500 donation points to the 2nd top voter of the month, monthly. Award 250 donation points to the 3rd top voter of the month, monthly.
  15. Runespan Wicked hood teleports you to runecrafting altars after it has had the correct talisman used on it e.g can only teleport to the chaos altar after it has absorbed a chaos talisman Purchasable rune packs. E.g Elemental rune pack gives you 500 of a randomly picked (air, fire, earth, water) Catalyst rune pack gives you 250 of a randomly picked (chaos, death, blood, soul) Combination rune pack gives you 250 of a randomly picked (nature, cosmic, law, body) Rune pouches. Elemental gives unlimited (air, fire, earth, water) Catalyst gives unlimited (chaos, death, blood, soul) Combination gives unlimited (nature, cosmic, law, body). Severely high price for these obviously. Somewhere between 100k-250k points with elemental being the cheaper. Also would be a great item for the donation shop Quests Lock barbarian fishing behind a short quests. (brings awareness to the nice semi afk training method aswell possibly make a shop to trade the noted fish for certain items possibly barbarian skills like the vial smash (yes i know we have it unlocked by default but might be fun) Basic barrows quests for your first barrows run. (New) Increased bank size quest reward Voteshop (New) double exp token for a set times 30 minutes/1 hour/2 hours (New) donator token (regular) 750 tickets or something extravagant for those who might not be able to afford Dungeoneering (New) Higher end Dungeoneering armors/weapons for sale from a shop for Dungeoneering tokens (New) Dungeoneering specific bosses for extra tokens Donator (New) Extreme donator icon + new cape (New) Extreme donator zone (some ideas) increased chance for double harvest when skilling eg(double logs), wilderness boss spawner max 5 times a day per person, (New) different benefits depending on donator status. (New) rare item mystery box e.g (party hat, h'ween mask etc) Other Achievement point shop to buy things like Varrock armour 1/2/3/4 with bonuses (maybe extra exp?) Ardougne cloak, falador shield etc with the ability to resell the item for the points back to purchase a different item. Marks of grace store to sell stamina potions or stamina potion packs. (New) Add skilling mystery boxes to the shooting star shop (New) An upgraded mystery box to give rarer rewards (donator shop item or website store) or possibly a rare drop item to combine with a normal mystery box to upgrade it. (New) 2 daily tasks at a time, 1 being combat related one being skilling related. (New) a command ::refer (insert player name). gives a reward like a free mystery box to both players. Encourages people to refer others to the server aswell as a extra reward to draw in new players ~Will add more when I finish thinking about there viability~
  16. @ G59 Amazing quality in those pictures! I'll definitely be looking into possible using these for our media page!
  17. Zed

    Intro - G59

    Welcome G 🙂 Happy to see you enjoying Neos! See you in the long run lad!
  18. G59

    Intro - G59

    Hey All, Im G59, Long LOng LOOOONG time fan of RSPS. Been around since Moparscapes prime. Im from New Zealand, graphic designer for a living and part time twitch stream when time allows it. Super looking forward to continuing to play this server. The community has been awesomely welcoming so far and love alot of the content so far. Cant wait to stick around and find out more about y'all.
  19. G59

    Pest Control

    After trying to recreate a bug i first experienced i found yet another. Died in PC and visually became separated from the map with limited movement but still being able to attack/interact with objects https://imgur.com/Y5EmfpQ After noticing bug trying to re-enter PC caused this to happen even after multiple attempts i still could not re-enter https://imgur.com/RCXdN2h
  20. Rework daily tasks, some of them are insanely time consuming due to resources Rework daily rewards, randomize to make them more fun/worthwhile Increase initial exp for finding a star to encourage mining For items such as coal bag/etc add a difference for extreme donators Lower frequency of mystery box or require activity during a period of time to claim Add more things for loyalty points, rather it be cosmetics or skilling supplies/etc. Make them expensive though Add more rewards to mystery boxes to decrease the chance of getting certain items, perhaps skilling items/etc. Decrease drop rate of pets Increase exp bonus of non-rs3 items we have to buy from shops. There is no purpose of buying them if the items we get from skilling are the same Decrease the rate of uncut onyx from gem bags, they are fairly frequent if you spend any decent amount of time at lava flow. If any of these need more info just let me know, been scribbling some down as I play.
  21. Zed

    A few notes

    Great list of suggestions, we'll be circling back to these when we have time!
  22. Hi, Ye, i can agree on most of these 😄
  23. Welcome Aexious, It's been quite nice to have you around! You have my favorite dog breed 😞 Hope to see you more often!
  24. Heard there's free GP's on the line so what the hell, intro time ;). I am long time rsps/osrs grinder who loves a good challenge. I am from the US, specifically where the good fried chicken is found. I am the proud/annoyed owner of a doggo named Bruce. Hit me up in-game if you want to chat, most likely I am on/around and ready to mingle. Picture for reference.
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