News Years Event Results Are In!

Hello everyone, I'm so happy to see new faces in the 2022, and returning ones as well!

The new years event has been quite a ride! Firstly before we begin the next update logs will be released shortly after a few key updates are made (I'd love to show more big things in one big post!). This event was super intense and everyone had a blast participating, however only the luckiest and most active were able to snag this in time!


@ Aexi...

Update Log #7 - OSRS Merger & Fixes

Hello and welcome to another updates log! This time around we've developed some amazing new contents for neos as well as some key fixes!

Firstly the new years event went quite well! Everyone had a blast and sadly only the active players were lucky enough to snag their rares just in time, there's quite a few instances where multiple players were so close to getting one! And you won't believe what one player did with theirs! 

Now for the exciting bit, we've been quite busy IRL but maintained some activit...